Best opportunity for great wildlife, sightseeing and action photos in all Southern African countries.


Let us help you put together a fun and exciting motorcycle tour. Experience the thrill and excitement of Africa on the back of a bike! We do tours for bikers, with or without their own motorcycles, for groups of 6 to 12 bikes. Request available motorcycle tours, or send us your requirements.

Sundowner Cruise

Enjoy the sunset boat cruise at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, or at Chobe, Botswana

Jet Ski

Enjoy yourself on jet skis on the clean water of Mozambique.


We visit some of the best snorkeling sites in Africa, at Mozambique beaches.

Big Swing/ Gorge Swing

“The Big Swing”, situated in Graskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa offers a 68 meter free-fall at 180 km/h in under 3 seconds. This is one of the worlds highest Cable Gorge Swings! Or if you have the heart do the gorge swing at Victoria Falls at 111 meters.

White River Rafting

South Africa is home to some awesome torrential rivers promising exhilarating white water rafting adventures. Under professional guidance, novices as well as experts can experience hours of enjoyable and challenging adventures.

Beach fun

The most beautiful beaches in Mozambique where you can relax and do scuba diving, diving with sharks, snorkel, fishing and whale watching.

Walk with Lions

So close to a lion in the wild?Come and walk with us, with the lions

Devil’s den

If you have the heart, you can watch the Victoria falls from the Devil den

Shark Diving

Join us by diving to one of South Africa’s most popular adventures where we take you to meet one of nature’s most feared apex predators in the Great White Shark Capital of the World!


South Africa is home to awesome rivers for exciting canoeing adventures


Fishing in Africa is tremendous. Remote lakes and slow flowing rivers teem with bream, perch, and catfish. The world’s most powerful freshwater fighter, the tiger fish is only one of the numerous African fish which will test your skill and equipment. Private bass dams abound, and clear mountain streams are often filled with trout.

Elephant Rides

From the back of an elephant guests will amble down small forest paths and across open savannas. Guests will learn all about these magnificent animals as they feed, rest and play. If you are lucky you may even have a chance to swim with these gentle giants. Riding an elephant through the African bush is […]Read more…

Bungee Jumping

Yes, bungee jumping! If you are so inclined Africa offers the world’s two highest commercial bungee jumps; 111 meters off the Victoria Falls bridge in Zimbabwe and 216 meters off the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. (South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Game Drive

Game drives, both day and night, are the most popular activity with clients on safari. Game drives last anywhere from 2 hours to whole day excursions with lunch in the bush. Typically night game drives are not allowed within National Parks although there are a few exceptions. Normally night game drives occur on private land […]Read more…